Payday loan: how much can Bridget borrow for her wedding?



For the best day of her life, Bridget wants to put the package. She has a few dimes aside but prefers to take out a payday loan so as not to tap into her savings.

And she really wants to make this day the best day of her life with a renowned caterer, beautiful flowers, an idyllic setting, in short without depriving oneself for financial reasons.

And before embarking on the purchase of LA robe and all the preparations for D-Day, she wonders how much she can borrow from the bank. The amount of this credit consumption depends on its income, the duration of its loan, the interest rate of the loan.

Brigdet therefore performs a payday loan simulation on the Credither Guide to prepare his project serenely.

Bridget’s borrower profile


  • Bridget is an assistant for a publishing house.

  • She is on a permanent contract and earns 2,000 euros net per month.

  • She pays a rent of 500 euros for her apartment.

To know how much she can borrow alone with a payday loan, she calculates her payday loan online to find out the amount of her financing.

Her future husband will finance the rental of the room, the drinks and the DJ with his own savings.

The amount of his marriage credit

The amount of his marriage credit

Compared to its current income and expenses, it can borrow:

  • 8,616 euros maximum over 60 months so as not to exceed the debt ratio of 33%,

  • with a payday loan rate of 4.34%, its monthly payment will be 160 euros per month, the total amount of interest over 5 years will be 984 euros,

  • a total loan amount of € 9,600.13 excluding borrower insurance.

For her marriage credit, she has the choice to subscribe or not a borrower insurance. This one is not obligatory. In addition, she can choose the insurance of her choice thanks to the Lagarde law which introduced in 2010 the principle of delegation of insurance.

For the happy event that she wants to finance on credit, the future will confirm, or not, the famous adage : “when we love, we do not count”.

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