Mortgage interest forecast June 2015

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in the month of June? You read it in the expectation for the mortgage interest this month.

Big news



At the beginning of May the capital market interest rate suddenly rose . This was a reason for a number of lenders to raise their rates for the long-term fixed-rate periods, for example 10 years fixed. Because this was the first interest rate increase in 2 years, this was immediately big news.

Will the interest rate rise continue?

Will the interest rate rise continue?


Whether the interest rate rise will continue is only now clear. For this, the rise in capital market interest rates must continue. Messages about this vary. After a slight fall at the end of May, the Dutch ten-year interest rate rose again at the beginning of June. It remains to be seen how the banks react to this latest development.

Adjust rates



This will not take long. If the interest rate rise in May makes something clear, how fast banks nowadays adjust interest rates to market rates . In the past, there were several weeks between a change in the capital market interest rate and the mortgage interest rate. Now, banks often adjust the rates the same week.

Delusion of the day

For our interest rate expectation, we therefore take a little more distance from the issues of the day. Mortgage interest rates are still historically low and we do not expect a major increase with the ABC’s crisis measures. It remains interesting to follow the capital market interest rate as an important indicator for the 10-year fixed-rate mortgage.

We expect mortgage rates to remain stable at the current low level for June .

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