Loan for people with distraint immediately without collateral

Having financial problems? Did you run into execution problems and do not know what your options are? Is there a loan for people with distraint?

Execution on salary

Execution on salary

Your employer will deduct your wage deduction each month. This amount is then sent to the bailiff’s office to redeem the debtor’s debt. This amount is calculated according to the Code of Civil Procedure.

  • such execution may be ordered by a bailiff, judge or tax authority

How long does the execution of a salary last?

This type of execution is not limited in time. Ends in the event of recovery of the entire amount due.

Bank account blocking

The bailiff also has the option of blocking your current bank account. Very often people think that they will open an account with another bank and everything will be resolved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. They usually find it very quickly and freeze it immediately.

What to do?

What to do?

  • the first option is to make an appointment directly with the bailiff on the payment schedule. In this case, it could unblock your account again.
  • although you do not have access to it, you have the right to make a one-time withdrawal and double the subsistence minimum, which is: CZK 6820
  • we recommend that you agree with your employer to pay you cash

Don’t have your own bank account? Borrow in cash

If you don’t have a bank account, you can use non-bank loans that pay cash in cash. Money can be obtained directly on hand or have it paid, for example, by postal order. List of companies that pay cash loans can be found here.

Where can I find it: a loan for people with distraint

Where can I find it: a loan for people with distraint

Obtaining financial help in this difficult situation is very difficult, because the banks really do not like this situation and unfortunately will not lend you a crown. An alternative may be a non-bank loan, but there are not too many chances. Every lender cannot have much confidence in you, because your financial past does not look very good. The only option is a private investor who convinces that you will pay everything in time. Unfortunately, every loan for people with distraint is very risky for every investor. If you are able to find a private person or a non-banking company that will provide you with the money, please review all documents thoroughly before you sign. In some cases, the only option is personal bankruptcy, which is a 5-year process that is really very demanding, but on the other hand, it can completely purify you.

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