Excellent apartments with modern amenities nice location and good environment conditions

Residence park property co. ltd. has created its standard internationally in terms of property management. It is a provider of luxurious apartments in phuket. The apartments are enabled with excellent facilities. Overall they provide you with comfortable housing for individuals. Their apartment in phuket has been constructed thanks to latest technology. Quality housing is rendered for people of phuket. This clients are able to satisfy their clients since they provide excellent services for them.

The company is very conscious regarding its image in the social design. So it works according to the rules of property of Thailand. It is a very responsible company which strictly follows all the property laws. Their main motive is to make the clientele contented by providing excellent amenities in Apartments in phuket They also value the needs of their employees and thus hard work make them satisfied.

They believe that the satisfaction of their employees as well as clients will contribute to the prosperity of their company. Luxurious phuket apartment Penthouse all the rooms of this apartment are air conditioned. The living room, bathrooms and kitchens are very spacious. The vista is very good because of the surrounding mountains and pool facility.

Deluxe one can easily choice from the two or a three bedroom set. Nearly all has been maintained and the designs are very attractive and special. Kitchen is of western style. Glass doors of the balcony are of sliding nature. Single bedroom an exciting feature of such apartment is the great view from its balcony.

casas troia are wonderful with air conditioned bed rooms, western styled kitchen and spacious bathroom. Studio standard has been maintained. This apartment can be utilized by families for holiday purposes or bring a permanent home. Facilities provided by phuket apartment This company does not compromise at all in connection with facilities that this in apartment in phuket.

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