Bills to be paid? 

Bills to be paid? 

You know it. A few outstanding accounts that you still have. They do not all have to be paid within 10 days, but you prefer to get rid of it quickly. Often it is also not such very large amounts that you still owe, but when added together you feel it in your wallet. Why not pay for everything at once? It may sound complicated, but there is a solution.

Mini loans

Mini loans

Mini loans are small amounts that you can borrow from a lender. You can find them mainly on the internet, but are completely safe and legal. Whether the amounts are 100, 200, 300 or 500 USD, it is all possible. And all within 10 minutes on your account. So if you are in need of money, but want to pay all your outstanding bills in one go, then a mini loan is the solution.

You are thus relieved of all sorts of different creditors and you now owe a self-chosen amount to 1 lender. You will have to repay this within the agreed period, but it is more convenient than all separate accounts with different companies.

Of course you can also choose to borrow a little more, so you have just a little more financial scope to get through the month and maybe even money to do something fun with the children.

It is a very easy principle that mini loans, but you must be careful that you do not borrow too much. You often have to repay the borrowed amount within a month or else additional costs will be charged. Mini loans cost almost nothing, so keep it that way!

You can even use these mini loans if your BKR is listed. Relatively small amounts are borrowed, so providers often only want to know if you have someone who can guarantee you. If you would rather not have someone know that you are borrowing, you can ask Global Guarantee if they want to act as guarantor for you. You have to pay for this.

Receive an advance on your salary within 10 minutes? Which can!

Receive an advance on your salary within 10 minutes? Which can!

Do you want an advance on your salary? Which can! The money will be transferred to you within 10 minutes.

With a new lender you can easily request an advance on your salary.

We know the problem that you have a balance dip halfway through the month. Then it takes a little too long for your salary to be paid.

You can now easily solve this by requesting an advance on your salary.

How does it work:

– Enter how much you want to borrow

– You will hear asap as to whether your application has been approved

– You sign the agreement

The money will be transferred to your own account within 10 minutes.

Do you want an advance on your salary NOW? Then arrange an advance NOW at Payday!

Within 10 minutes you need money in your account for that unexpected account

Within 10 minutes you need money in your account for that unexpected account

Life is expensive these days. Your monthly costs rise and your income does not always increase proportionately. If you have an unexpected setback then you urgently need money in your account.

We all know them: unexpected financial setbacks. Think of your car that suddenly broke down. If you have a car that is already a few years old, it is often a source of costs. Timing belt that needs to be replaced, new shock absorbers, brake lines that are true replacement, etc.

Or you were in a relationship and you separate. If your partner suddenly no longer contributes money, you must now suddenly pay all the bills yourself. If you have a mortgage, it will be difficult to cough up the monthly interest and repayment obligations yourself.

Various ordinary Dutch people have found a solution for unexpected financial setbacks. This solution is the short loan. You can apply for this loan within a few minutes without any hassle. You can complete the application behind your PC and after approval of your credit application you will receive money in your account within 10 minutes.

Did you have a BKR listing or a blacklist on the BKR due to bad luck in the past? Borrowing money despite BKR listing is possible though. Some people say not, but we have found reliable and transparent lenders who do not BKR listing.

Borrow money despite BKR and within 10 minutes money on your account, request this here.

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