On the internet you increasingly read calls from people who urgently need money. There are even websites where people write what they need and hope that someone will help them. These types of sites are not without risk. Recently there was a broadcast about scammers broadcast on the public broadcaster where a person was caught abusing people who urgently needed money. In some situations, people are blacklisted by the BCR, which makes it even harder for them to get money, which makes scammers hit the mark.
So if you urgently need 7500 USD then you better use a number of safe ways. You don’t want to be scammed.

Where can you safely borrow 7500?

Where can you safely borrow 7500?

If you earn around 2500 USD a month, you will receive around 1750 USD a month net. With this income you can take out a personal loan of 10,000 USD with different lenders. With a personal loan you borrow an amount of money that you agree in advance at a fixed interest rate and repayment. No uncertainty so what your monthly expenses will be.

An example:
You borrow 7500 from Good Finance, this is one of the cheapest priced internet loan providers. With a term of 72 months (5 years) you only pay around 130.14 per month.

Request a revolving credit

In the example income just mentioned, you can also request a revolving credit. The advantage of this is that you can withdraw the money flexibly. So you can take a few thousand and redeem it whenever you want.  If you borrow from Good Finance 7500 via a revolving credit facility, with a term of 59 months, you pay 150 USD per month in installments and interest.

So if you need 7500 USD urgently, choose a safe solution and avoid scams.

Do you want to borrow 7500 despite BCR registration?

With some lenders you are immediately rejected if you have incurred payment arrears that are registered with the BCR. With some lenders such as Good Finance, your entire financial picture is looked at and not just your BCR registrations. With these providers you may have a better chance to be able to borrow 7500 despite BCR registration. In short, borrowing 7500 USD with BCR registration is not impossible and really depends on the lender in question.

Tip: request a free quote, because it costs you nothing and you immediately know if you have a chance of winning 7500 USD.

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