Black Lending Banks

Because, when the installments of the loan are not paid, the legal follow-up process starts as a result of the bank informing them at regular intervals. After this process, your record is negatively recorded in the records of the Central Bank and Credit Registration Bureau (ABC). Although it may be difficult to use credit from banks after your record is broken, there are financial institutions that provide loans to blacklisted persons .

How Can Blacklisters Receive Credits?


It is known that when the procedures regarding the disbursement of loans to those whose records are under normal conditions are examined, it is known that the people included in the list have to wait 5 years to get credit. However, people who wish to apply for a loan again within 5 years should consult with the bank that made it on the black list after paying their current debts and inform them that the debt has been paid.

In this meeting, the Central Bank should be notified that the debt has been paid. This is necessary for you to exit the blacklist before the normal process. There is an amnesty that came into force as of this year regarding the banks that give loans to blacklisted ones .

In order to benefit from this amnesty, which is known as credit registry amnesty, you need to go to any branch of the bank that causes you to be on the black list and make transactions. It is also important that you do not have any debts for the credit registry amnesty that individual and commercial customers can benefit from. Thanks to this amnesty, SMEs, tradesmen and companies can apply to the products of banks again by paying or structuring all their debts.

Credit Application Requirements for Blacklisted People


Your credit record is a record that can be viewed by all the banks operating in our country as an indicator for your subsequent credit and credit card applications by notifying the Central Bank via ABC. Therefore, if you do not want banks to see your ABC scorecard as negative, you must first close your existing debts in order to apply for a new loan product.

Financial institutions


You can then apply for loans to financial institutions through bank branches. For credit applications made through call centers and internet branches, blacklisted persons may not get final results. For this reason, the most cutting-edge solution for applying for loans for blacklisted parties is to contact the branch authorities.

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