Discounts and loans – credit agreement

Discounts provided for shown customer loyalty in, among other things, the airline and hotel industry are taxable if used for private use. A basic prerequisite for taxation is that the recipient’s employer or client has paid the goods or services that entitle the discount or that the benefit can for other reasons be considered as […]

Here’s how to do automatic bookkeeping when investing in loans

As a company, questions always arise about how accounting should be handled in new forms of investment. If you invest in loans through Astro Finance and you do this as a company, you must also post the events that occur. One way to do this is to look at bank statements and then post different […]

Loan for people with distraint immediately without collateral

Having financial problems? Did you run into execution problems and do not know what your options are? Is there a loan for people with distraint? Execution on salary Your employer will deduct your wage deduction each month. This amount is then sent to the bailiff’s office to redeem the debtor’s debt. This amount is calculated […]

Consumer credit: growth slows but remains strong

Despite signs of slowing, the annual growth of consumer credit continues in September at levels still impressive, according to the latest figures published by the Bank of France. The evolution of the consumer credit sector is in line with the global credit market (habitat + consumption). Nearly 6% growth In September, the outstanding consumer credit […]