Black Lending Banks

Because, when the installments of the loan are not paid, the legal follow-up process starts as a result of the bank informing them at regular intervals. After this process, your record is negatively recorded in the records of the Central […]

Consumer credit: growth slows but remains strong

  Despite signs of slowing, the annual growth of consumer credit continues in September at levels still impressive, according to the latest figures published by the Bank of France. The evolution of the consumer credit sector is in line with […]

Mortgage interest forecast June 2015

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in the month of June? You read it in the expectation for the mortgage interest this month. Big news   At the beginning of May the capital market interest rate suddenly rose . […]

Consumer credit: the market picks up colors.

  Third part dedicated to the study on the credit market conducted by the broker Emperic. We are interested here in consumer credit. Activity up in 2016 As we saw earlier for home loans and credit insurance, the credit market […]