Another way of getting loan.

Alternative forms of borrowing

Alternative forms of borrowing

Lending money is an integral part of our society. This can be interpreted both positively and negatively. Consider how many debts people have, which is negative. The other side of the story, however, is that this stimulates consumption, so that more people (can) buy more products. In other words: with borrowing you keep the economy going.

A form of borrowing is buying an installment product. After all, you still owe money to the company where you buy the product. There is a lot to buy on installment. For example, consider a laptop or a scooter. To prevent non-payment, a special agency was established quite a few years ago to record the number of loans (read: loans).

This is the credit registration agency, simply the BKR. It is very difficult to find a loan from a company that is not affiliated with the BKR. Yet many people seek this. This is because, for example, they were registered negatively with this BKR a few years ago. Now they want to borrow some money again, and suddenly it appears to be no longer possible.

Loan with or without BKR

Loan with or without BKR

These people often look for something where they can borrow without BKR testing. For example, they are looking for an installment laptop with BKR or an installment scooter without BKR. This all means the same thing: borrowing money from a lender who is not affiliated with the Credit Registration Office. But where do you find these types of authorities?

All banks in the Netherlands are certainly not part of this, because if you want a banking license, you are required by law to test all customers at the BKR. We can look further, for example mini loans. These so-called flash loans offer the possibility to borrow a certain amount of money for a month without BKR testing! Ideal for people who are registered negatively with the BKR. But the duration is limited, and the amount that can be borrowed here is often a maximum of $ 750.

Of course you can also borrow money from family or friends. This is called privately borrowing money. It is always outside the BKR. You can also borrow this private money from people other than family or friends. You only have to find the right person who trusts you (and vice versa) and who does not charge ridiculously high interest rates. It is nevertheless advisable to try to find someone who you know and who is reliable. You will not be the first to be scammed.

Borrow 7500 USD with BCR registration.

On the internet you increasingly read calls from people who urgently need money. There are even websites where people write what they need and hope that someone will help them. These types of sites are not without risk. Recently there was a broadcast about scammers broadcast on the public broadcaster where a person was caught abusing people who urgently needed money. In some situations, people are blacklisted by the BCR, which makes it even harder for them to get money, which makes scammers hit the mark.
So if you urgently need 7500 USD then you better use a number of safe ways. You don’t want to be scammed.

Where can you safely borrow 7500?

Where can you safely borrow 7500?

If you earn around 2500 USD a month, you will receive around 1750 USD a month net. With this income you can take out a personal loan of 10,000 USD with different lenders. With a personal loan you borrow an amount of money that you agree in advance at a fixed interest rate and repayment. No uncertainty so what your monthly expenses will be.

An example:
You borrow 7500 from Good Finance, this is one of the cheapest priced internet loan providers. With a term of 72 months (5 years) you only pay around 130.14 per month.

Request a revolving credit

In the example income just mentioned, you can also request a revolving credit. The advantage of this is that you can withdraw the money flexibly. So you can take a few thousand and redeem it whenever you want.  If you borrow from Good Finance 7500 via a revolving credit facility, with a term of 59 months, you pay 150 USD per month in installments and interest.

So if you need 7500 USD urgently, choose a safe solution and avoid scams.

Do you want to borrow 7500 despite BCR registration?

With some lenders you are immediately rejected if you have incurred payment arrears that are registered with the BCR. With some lenders such as Good Finance, your entire financial picture is looked at and not just your BCR registrations. With these providers you may have a better chance to be able to borrow 7500 despite BCR registration. In short, borrowing 7500 USD with BCR registration is not impossible and really depends on the lender in question.

Tip: request a free quote, because it costs you nothing and you immediately know if you have a chance of winning 7500 USD.

Borrow 2000 USD without BCR.

Good tips for getting cash today!

Good tips for getting cash today!

Do you want to borrow 2000 USD without a BCR check? There are possibilities for you to still get the 2000 USD. There are companies that lend you 2,000 USD without BCR testing. From a legal point of view, you sell something you have in your possession to a company and you have a repurchase option if you repay the money on time.

So you do not have to repay the money, you decide for yourself. In this article we will explain how this works, pledging of your things. Good to know is that some pawnshops are also open on Saturdays.

How does pledging your things work?

How does pledging your things work?

It works easily. On the internet you will find a number of parties who give you money in exchange for certain material matters without checking at the BCR. You agree on a sort of ‘buy-back option’ with the pawnshop.

This is called pawning your things. You hand in one of your things and you can often get the money right away, without your BCR being involved. If you do not buy back your things, the pawnshop will keep your things.

You can go to various pawnshops with jewels of silver, gold and diamond. Especially the lending of gold is popular. The value of your jewelry is determined on the spot. For larger amounts such as 2000 USD, the lending of gold may not be sufficient.

Pledging your motorcycle, car, boat. For larger amounts you can pledge your means of transport such as your motorcycle, your car or boat. Your vehicle is parked safely. The value is estimated by the pawnshop. You immediately receive several thousand USD.

Other electronic hardware such as your PC, telephone, TV, watch or camera. If you do not have a means of transport that you can pledge because you need it for your work, for example, and you do not have any jewelry that you can / want to borrow, then you can consider pledging your electronics. Your mobile, TV, watch and laptop generate money. Here too the value is estimated on the spot and you get your money right with it.

How soon do you have to pay off the loan?

How soon do you have to pay off the loan?

You actually speak of a buy-back option that you have on your things. However, a period of 1 to 6 months is often agreed. After that period, the pawnshop has the right to sell your things to someone else.

How much money can I get?

This varies per pawnshop. You usually get up to a maximum of 50% to 75% of the current market value of your things.

Borrow within 10 minutes and pay them quickly!

Bills to be paid? 

Bills to be paid? 

You know it. A few outstanding accounts that you still have. They do not all have to be paid within 10 days, but you prefer to get rid of it quickly. Often it is also not such very large amounts that you still owe, but when added together you feel it in your wallet. Why not pay for everything at once? It may sound complicated, but there is a solution.

Mini loans

Mini loans

Mini loans are small amounts that you can borrow from a lender. You can find them mainly on the internet, but are completely safe and legal. Whether the amounts are 100, 200, 300 or 500 USD, it is all possible. And all within 10 minutes on your account. So if you are in need of money, but want to pay all your outstanding bills in one go, then a mini loan is the solution.

You are thus relieved of all sorts of different creditors and you now owe a self-chosen amount to 1 lender. You will have to repay this within the agreed period, but it is more convenient than all separate accounts with different companies.

Of course you can also choose to borrow a little more, so you have just a little more financial scope to get through the month and maybe even money to do something fun with the children.

It is a very easy principle that mini loans, but you must be careful that you do not borrow too much. You often have to repay the borrowed amount within a month or else additional costs will be charged. Mini loans cost almost nothing, so keep it that way!

You can even use these mini loans if your BKR is listed. Relatively small amounts are borrowed, so providers often only want to know if you have someone who can guarantee you. If you would rather not have someone know that you are borrowing, you can ask Global Guarantee if they want to act as guarantor for you. You have to pay for this.

Receive an advance on your salary within 10 minutes? Which can!

Receive an advance on your salary within 10 minutes? Which can!

Do you want an advance on your salary? Which can! The money will be transferred to you within 10 minutes.

With a new lender you can easily request an advance on your salary.

We know the problem that you have a balance dip halfway through the month. Then it takes a little too long for your salary to be paid.

You can now easily solve this by requesting an advance on your salary.

How does it work:

– Enter how much you want to borrow

– You will hear asap as to whether your application has been approved

– You sign the agreement

The money will be transferred to your own account within 10 minutes.

Do you want an advance on your salary NOW? Then arrange an advance NOW at Payday!

Within 10 minutes you need money in your account for that unexpected account

Within 10 minutes you need money in your account for that unexpected account

Life is expensive these days. Your monthly costs rise and your income does not always increase proportionately. If you have an unexpected setback then you urgently need money in your account.

We all know them: unexpected financial setbacks. Think of your car that suddenly broke down. If you have a car that is already a few years old, it is often a source of costs. Timing belt that needs to be replaced, new shock absorbers, brake lines that are true replacement, etc.

Or you were in a relationship and you separate. If your partner suddenly no longer contributes money, you must now suddenly pay all the bills yourself. If you have a mortgage, it will be difficult to cough up the monthly interest and repayment obligations yourself.

Various ordinary Dutch people have found a solution for unexpected financial setbacks. This solution is the short loan. You can apply for this loan within a few minutes without any hassle. You can complete the application behind your PC and after approval of your credit application you will receive money in your account within 10 minutes.

Did you have a BKR listing or a blacklist on the BKR due to bad luck in the past? Borrowing money despite BKR listing is possible though. Some people say not, but we have found reliable and transparent lenders who do not BKR listing.

Borrow money despite BKR and within 10 minutes money on your account, request this here.

Available quick loan for business.

No idea how much you can actually borrow?

No idea how much you can actually borrow?

Are you curious about how much money you can actually borrow? There are two different loans, revolving credit and personal loan, with these loans you can easily borrow amounts of 50,000 USD and even 100,000 USD. The advertisements are always thrown with different high amounts. Some lenders want to lend you 50,000 USD, others lenders 75,000.

Starting entrepreneur, and looking for a business loan?

Starting entrepreneur, and looking for a business loan?

What are the options for you regarding business loans? Business loans have been created for real entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, so there is a good chance that you too can use them. For every entrepreneur, financing is the engine behind every success that he can achieve or has achieved. Few entrepreneurs.

It is almost impossible not to build up debts in this time of credit crisis. To make ends meet and offer your family the same as before the credit crisis, you may have taken out a number of loans that you now have to pay off every month. One solution to reduce your debts is to enter into one.

Within 10 minutes without a problem 500 USD in your account

Within 10 minutes without a problem 500 USD in your account

Do you need money quickly? Without any difficulty, you can have 500 USD in your account within 10 minutes. This can be done by applying for a short loan from an online lender. You now need money because you are only halfway through the month and have no more money in the bank, or you.

Save money by combining multiple debts

Save money by combining multiple debts

Many people have been tempted by the commercials about borrowing on television, radio and internet to take out loans. At that time, it might seem like the right decisions, but now you realize that you are spending more money paying off different loans each month than you can actually pay. Perhaps you can.

Want to borrow 200 USD quickly? Which can!

Want to <a href=borrow 200 USD quickly? Which can!” />

Did you think that you could buy a product on payment, but it appears that that is not the case. Or are you just short of the 200 USD to get through the rest of the month? Borrowing will probably not be the first option you’ve thought of. 

Discounts and loans – credit agreement

Discounts provided for shown customer loyalty in, among other things, the airline and hotel industry are taxable if used for private use. A basic prerequisite for taxation is that the recipient’s employer or client has paid the goods or services that entitle the discount or that the benefit can for other reasons be considered as an outflow of the service.

This applies, for example, if the employee accumulates bonus points due to business trips paid by the employer.

It is the person using the loyalty discount who is required to report this to his employer or client. The information shall include the nature of the benefit, the extent and the month in which it was used and submitted no later than the following month.

Staff Discounts

Staff discounts on purchases of goods or services from the employer or any other company within the same group may be tax-exempt under certain conditions.

The interest benefit

A taxable interest benefit arises if the employer submits an interest-free loan or a loan where the interest rate is lower than the market rate to an employee. The employee must then be taxed for the benefit as income from service.

At the same time, the employee may deduct an amount corresponding to the benefit as interest expense in the income type capital in the same way as if the interest had been paid in cash.

Credit and loan agreements

credit loan

Loans in this context mean a money transaction based on a credit agreement. Advances on salary or other compensation, normal credit purchases from the employer and the like are therefore not considered loans. However, both short-term Credit and loans of smaller amounts are covered by the benefit rules.

A prerequisite for taxation is that the loan agreement represents a benefit and that the benefit is obtained because of the service or assignment. A benefit arises if the loan is granted on terms that are more favorable than the market conditions.

In the case of banks and other credit institutions that offer loans to the public, a taxable benefit arises if the employees are offered loans on more favorable terms than those offered to the public. For other employers, a comparison must be made with the market conditions for credit granting that apply at the time of the loan agreement. The rules also apply to loans brokered or negotiated by the employer, loans that have been linked to previous employment and loans from clients.

Calculation of the benefit value

A prerequisite for interest rate benefit is that the agreed interest rate falls below the market rate at the time of the loan. The benefit is then calculated on a standard basis on the basis of the national mortgage rate (SLR), which is set by the Swedish National Debt Office.

For interest-free loans, fixed-rate Credit and loans where the interest is paid in proportion to the market interest rate, the value of the benefit is the difference between SLR at the time of the loan + 1 percent (the comparative interest rate) and the agreed interest rate. However, the comparative interest rate shall be at least 0.5 per cent.

For loans with variable interest rates, the value of the benefit is the difference between SLR at the end of November the year before the income year + 1 percent (comparative interest rate) and the agreed interest rate. However, the comparative interest rate shall be at least 0.5 per cent.

Foreign currency loans

Foreign currency loans

For information about foreign currency loans, see Legal guidance.

  • Valuation of favorable loans in foreign currency in Legal guidance

Employer’s account

The employer shall report the interest benefit month by month in the employer declarations. This is true even if the employee eg. only pays interest on the loan every three months. The value of the benefit is stated in box 012 in the employer declaration at the individual level. The value of the benefit and any interest paid is reported in box 540 on the control statement for interest expense (KU25).


On January 1, 2019, Anna borrows USD 50,000 from the employer at a fixed interest rate of 1 percent. The interest paid to the employer during the year amounts to USD 50,000 x 1 percent = USD 500. At the time of the loan, the government loan rate was 1.05 percent. The interest rate percentage is calculated at (1.05 + 1 – 1) = 1.05 percent. The taxable benefit for 2019 will therefore be (USD 50,000 x 1.05 percent) = USD 525.

The employer reports interest benefit with (USD 525/12) = USD 43 at the payee level in the employer declaration each month, and the same amount is added to Anna’s monthly salary before the tax deduction is made.

Here’s how to do automatic bookkeeping when investing in loans

As a company, questions always arise about how accounting should be handled in new forms of investment. If you invest in loans through Astro Finance and you do this as a company, you must also post the events that occur.

One way to do this is to look at bank statements and then post different types of transactions, but at Astro Finance you can export so-called SIE files that you easily import into your accounting program. All you have to do is enter your accounting accounts with Astro Finance and link transaction types to accounting accounts.

This guide shows how this works:

After logging in, click on posting in the menu to open the window below.

The types of transactions we will handle are as follows:

  1. Amortization
  2. loans
  3. Interest
  4. Fees to the Crown Magistrate
  5. Loan
  6. Deposit
  7. Socket

Amortization, Lending and Credit Losses

Every loan that you participate in should be posted to a balance account in your general ledger and a tip is to use account 1696 and call it “Astro Finance Lender”. When repayment of loans takes place, repayments, the receivable, which is 1696, must be reduced, which is why 1696 is involved in both repayments and lending.

Your account with money at Astro Finance should also be included in the general ledger such as 1936 and call it “Account [Number you have in the account] Credit Exchange”.

This means that you should configure the link for Amortization and Lending according to the following example:

In the event of any loan losses, you must reduce your outstanding receivables of 1696 in the example above and enter this as a loss in, for example, account 6350 and call it “Credit Losses Credit Exchange”. If the 6350 is busy, you can put it on, for example, 6351, 6352 etc. if you want to keep these credit losses apart from other ones.

So if you use 6350, you should add that Debit should be 6350 and Credit 1696.


When paying interest, this should be booked as an income and you can choose to either add this as your own account to keep track of the interest from the Credit Exchange, such as 8316, which is often a vacant account. Alternatively at 8310 if you do not want to report your income separately. If you use 8316, the setting will be Debit 1936 and Credit 8316.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and Withdrawals

The accounting for your deposits and withdrawals is determined by which account you withdraw the money from in terms of deposits and which account you withdraw the money for in your withdrawals. The simplest thing is that you decide to only withdraw and deposit money from your main corporate account which may then have the number 1930. For deposits you then set up Debit 1936 and Credit 1930. This means that the SIE file will contain the accounts for account 1930 and you do not need to post these separately when you dot your company account. Because of this, it is therefore a tip that you start by importing the SIE file from the Credit Exchange to your accounting system before you start the reconciliation for the past month.

Shopping for Loan Term deposits and securities

Deposits are currently one of the most popular forms of saving, or rather putting aside money. Kept in your wallet and you will always find a reason to spend them. Having them on the deposit you have to keep them there for the entire period of the contract we sign with the bank.

Deposit concept

Term deposits are the most known form of bank deposits. As the name suggests, they are established for a specific period of time. A deposit is a way to exchange money and cash for other financial assets. It can also be a change for something. In some cases, the deposit is the best way to secure our cash.

Regardless of the type of deposit, its purpose is usually identical. It is designed to help us generate additional income. Interest is such an additional income. The bank may use our money throughout the deposit period in exchange for interest that we receive at the end. Depending on the contract, the interest rate on the deposit may vary. It may be slightly different in every bank.

Term Deposit

Term deposit is best known to customers. A kind of it is a form of cash contributions. With its help, we can store all our savings and additionally earn on such storage. Term deposits are good for both companies and individual households. Both groups can easily use them. People who have used their term deposits value most because they are associated with minimal risk. Situations that you lose something on such as a deposit occur sporadically. Otherwise term deposits are called term deposits, however this name is not very common.

A very big advantage of term deposits is that already on the day of the conclusion of the contract with the bank we know for how long we put our money into the deposit. We will also find out what the interest will be and how much we will earn after the end of the contract. We can choose the bank in which we want to set up a deposit, which is why it is worth checking several offers before choosing the one that suits us best. There are many offers and you can really choose one that will help you earn as much as possible. It is worth getting a little dirty and studying the conditions that individual banks place on their clients.

Securities are considered one of the types of investments

Securities are considered one of the types of investments

The big advantage of securities is that there are no restrictions, which means we can buy any number of them. Households can confidently use this type of financial instrument. What makes them different from term deposits is the degree of risk. Here it is much higher and you have to be aware of it.

It depends on us whether we want to and can afford any risk at all. Thus, securities are for people who are not afraid to risk and want to earn a lot, while term deposits are for people who are not like to risk and want to know in advance how much they will earn and on what terms they agree in the signed contract.

Loan for people with distraint immediately without collateral

Having financial problems? Did you run into execution problems and do not know what your options are? Is there a loan for people with distraint?

Execution on salary

Execution on salary

Your employer will deduct your wage deduction each month. This amount is then sent to the bailiff’s office to redeem the debtor’s debt. This amount is calculated according to the Code of Civil Procedure.

  • such execution may be ordered by a bailiff, judge or tax authority

How long does the execution of a salary last?

This type of execution is not limited in time. Ends in the event of recovery of the entire amount due.

Bank account blocking

The bailiff also has the option of blocking your current bank account. Very often people think that they will open an account with another bank and everything will be resolved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. They usually find it very quickly and freeze it immediately.

What to do?

  • the first option is to make an appointment directly with the bailiff on the payment schedule. In this case, it could unblock your account again.
  • although you do not have access to it, you have the right to make a one-time withdrawal and double the subsistence minimum, which is: CZK 6820
  • we recommend that you agree with your employer to pay you cash

Don’t have your own bank account? Borrow in cash

If you don’t have a bank account, you can use non-bank loans that pay cash in cash. Money can be obtained directly on hand or have it paid, for example, by postal order. List of companies that pay cash loans can be found here.

Where can I find it: a loan for people with distraint

Obtaining financial help in this difficult situation is very difficult, because the banks really do not like this situation and unfortunately will not lend you a crown. An alternative may be a non-bank loan, but there are not too many chances. Every lender cannot have much confidence in you, because your financial past does not look very good. The only option is a private investor who convinces that you will pay everything in time. Unfortunately, every loan for people with distraint is very risky for every investor. If you are able to find a private person or a non-banking company that will provide you with the money, please review all documents thoroughly before you sign. In some cases, the only option is personal bankruptcy, which is a 5-year process that is really very demanding, but on the other hand, it can completely purify you.

Consumer credit: growth slows but remains strong

Despite signs of slowing, the annual growth of consumer credit continues in September at levels still impressive, according to the latest figures published by the Bank of France. The evolution of the consumer credit sector is in line with the global credit market (habitat + consumption).

Nearly 6% growth

Nearly 6% growth

In September, the outstanding consumer credit market rose by 5.7% year on year, a sign of the dynamism of the sector, even if it remains a little worse than in previous months (+ 6.0% in August, + 6.2% in July).

In terms of volume, “consumer credit” is worth 165 billion euros in September. In comparison, we are still far from the $ 938 billion home loan. This is explained by the amounts granted for a mortgage.

What about “new credits”?

What about "new credits"?

As for the production of new consumer loans, they tend to stabilize around 5 billion euros for several months (5.1 billion in September). Note that the Banque de France only includes in this amount depreciable loans, ie conventional loans with maturities established from the outset (for example a personal loan, an assigned credit, a car loan, etc.).

The monetary institution therefore does not take into account the revolving credits in its statistics. These consist of a sum of money made available to the borrowers. As long as they do not use the amount allocated, they will not pay anything. In summary, the repayment starts as soon as the loan is used, and the interest only applies to the amount used.

What is the average rate in consumer credit?

What is the average rate in consumer credit?

Unsurprisingly, the interest rates granted are higher than those of real estate loans: 3.78% on average, against 1.65%. But the interest rate of consumer loans tends to decline:

  • 3.93% in April;
  • 3.94% in May;
  • 3.83% in June;
  • 3.86% in July;
  • 4.05% in August.

To know the current consumer credit rates, do not hesitate to consult our barometer.

A credit market that continues to grow

A credit market that continues to grow

Concretely, consumer credit is on the same trend as global bank credit: a sharp increase in September (+ 6.1%) with a slight slowdown compared to previous months (+ 6.2% in July and August). In volume terms, the market is worth 1,139 billion euros.